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We now have three feminine rabbits whom remain 5 months old

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

We now have three feminine rabbits whom remain 5 months old

We purchased them together in addition they have constantly lived together, and groom one another frequently, and lie along with one another once they’re resting and generally appear extremely affectionate toward each other.

They may be presumably going right on through puberty at this time, and now we’ve been having a few behavioural difficulties with them fighting (this began the other day). We have actuallyn’t seen them fighting but we surmise these ukrainian women for dating were since there ended up being lots of sound as soon as we went in to the space, each of them seemed freaked down, one of these ended up being wet through the water containers, and there have been tufts of locks regarding the base for the cage. No body ended up being harmed. That occurred twice when you look at the day that is same.

We solved the combat issue by completing our rabbit-proofing of this space they are in and making their cage available, therefore in the place of having an hour or so a day from the cage, they will have all evening and area of the time (we shut them up within the cage once we need certainly to clean or whenever my hubby, whoever workplace they truly are in, has to concentrate). (more…)