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Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Lukasz Adamski: Remember, too, that the knowledge of Volyn Ukrainians significantly increased as a result of the recent debate Polish-Ukrainian, and in a sense the Ukrainian-Ukrainian. The problem, however, is that even if the Ukrainian elite begin to understand that Volyn is a genuine problem, on the other hand, in the Ukrainian intellectual life is dominated by nationalist historians attached to the interpretation of history. Among them there is a tendency to relativize certain things; eg. say that yes, there has been a crime Volyn, but in front of her oppressed Poles Ukrainians. This is the same mechanism that tends to relativize the Kremlin Katyn. Certainly before the Polish state, the public and historians payforaresearchpaper environment is a huge challenge, but also the need for a political backwater to the message. And to convince Ukrainians that the Polish interpretation of murder Volyn, which is best expressed prof.

Grzegorz Motyka, is not an attempt to impose some kind of vision of Polish history, but the result of scientific research. Ukrainians willingness to confront the functioning and facilitate their acquisition of allies. Similarly, the Polish side should work. In my opinion, in the twentieth century as a nation, we generally exam in our history we have a lot of cards glorious, therefore, it would be politically advisable to Poland anytime and anywhere even showed exemplary, model relation to settlements with its past. Because if we will be able to condemn, indeed quite a few ba (more…)