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8 feasible factors that cause Stomach discomfort after intercourse

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

8 feasible factors that cause Stomach discomfort after intercourse

Belly discomfort after intercourse just isn’t unusual. But, it will not suggest no solution is had by a female and has now to reside along with it. Deep penetration is a very common reason behind belly or stomach discomfort after sex in females, nonetheless it could be triggered due to an underlying condition that is gynecological.

No matter what the cause, belly pain after intercourse can usually be treated. Following the diagnosis for the problem, the gynecologist can suggest treatments, medication or any other needed treatment to aid get respite from the belly or stomach discomfort after intercourse.

Belly discomfort during intercourse often comes down to your intercourse position or even the place associated with the female’s womb. Common factors behind belly discomfort in females can be-

1. Sex Position

Some intercourse roles allow much deeper penetration during genital or intercourse that is anal that may hurt. The best answer, in this situation, would be to avoid deep thrusting and select other intercourse jobs, like in the part. Positions, in which the female has control over the level of penetration, is a good idea in order to avoid stomach and discomfort discomfort after sex.

2. Tilted uterus

A uterus that is tilted an womb that leans backward during the cervix as opposed to tilting ahead. Around 1 in 4 females have tilted womb. Whilst having a tilted uterus isn’t generally issue, it could somtimes give rise to stomach discomfort during and on occasion even after intercourse. After diagnosing this disorder, the gynecologist can inform the female whether or perhaps not she’s got a tilted womb. Using the services of different intercourse roles and angles often helps the feminine discover one which will not harm.

Other feasible factors

In some instances, belly stomach discomfort after intercourse might be an indicator of an underlying condition including-