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Saturday, November 14th, 2020

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Hi I recently unpluged 1 of the IDE cables that was attached to one of my hard drives as I needed to attach my friend hard drive to translate data from him. My problem is, I recently had a house fire and my PC was still running when the firemen put the fire out. I have done copies like these using hard drive enclosures. This is a non-obtrusive way to transfer data and eventually can be used for backup. I’m Leo Notenboom and I’ve been playing with computers since I took a required programming class in 1976. I spent over 18 years as a software engineer at Microsoft, and "retired" in 2001.

Your old machine’s configuration is different than your new machine’s. Even if you could just copy it over somehow, its configuration would be unlikely to work properly. Much like an application, Windows must be set up properly for the machine it will run on. The drive size.Two common sizes of hard disk drives.By size in this case, I mean the physical size of the drive.

in 2003 as a place to help you find answers and become more confident using all this amazing technology at our fingertips. Similarly, this doesn’t work for Windows at all. Windows is, itself, configured for the specific hardware it’s used on.

The external enclosure you select needs to match the physical size of the old drive you’re about to put in it. You might instead consider placing it into an external drive enclosure to make it an external USB drive. You may be able to install it internally, if the interfaces are compatible, and most are.

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If it is a second drive make sure the jumper connections are set to slave; or set both drives to cable select. Any way I have just re-attached my hard drive and it isnt showing up in “my computer”.

Your comments about moving data off of an old computer hard drive onto an external USB drive enclosure is a great solution for preserving data from older machines running older operating systems. I’ve got several old Windows 98 machines in my garage that I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to salvage the data. You can purchase a USB Drive Enclosure, and remove the drive from the computer and place it in that. Epson drivers download Make sure that it’s the right type of drive interface – I’m assuming from the age of your computer it’ll be EIDE, aka PATA. I am trying to use an XP HD and connect to a 98 computer to retrieve files from it. All I get is a white line going across the bottom of the screen. How to recover pictures from external drive without formating exterior drive.