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Generating Fake Dating Profiles for Data Science

Monday, August 31st, 2020

Generating Fake Dating Profiles for Data Science

Forging Dating Profiles for Information Review by Webscraping

D ata is among the world’s latest and most resources that are precious. Many data collected by companies is held independently and hardly ever distributed to people. This information range from a person’s browsing practices, monetary information, or passwords. This data contains a user’s personal information that they voluntary disclosed for their dating profiles in the case of companies focused on dating such as Tinder or Hinge. This information is kept private and made inaccessible to the public because of this simple fact.

Nevertheless, imagine if we wanted to produce a task that utilizes this data that are specific? We would need a large amount of data that belongs to these companies if we wanted to create a new dating application that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. However these ongoing organizations understandably keep their user’s data private and from the general public. How would we achieve such an activity?

Well, based from the not enough individual information in dating pages, we’d have to create fake individual information for dating pages. (more…)