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Why The “Glass Skin” Trend Feels Problematic To Me Personally As A Tan Asian Girl

Saturday, May 9th, 2020

Why The “Glass Skin” Trend Feels Problematic To Me Personally As A Tan Asian Girl

We remember a present instance where my pal noticed and asked me personally why my foundation color had been lighter than my natural skin tone. I becamen’t yes just how to respond to. We knew that this buddy, a non-asian male whom had been totally new to the social and beauty standards that Asian-American women subconsciously feel compelled to reside as much as, intended no harm whenever asking this concern, however it incidentally provoked a lot thought and feelings from me personally nonetheless.

There was clearly no way that is simple explain. That which was we expected to state? “in fact we decided on a lighter foundation color because my insecurities stem from my individual experiences in colorism, a kind of discrimination for which individuals are treated differently because of the social definitions attached with their pores and skin”?

For way too long, I experienced believed the lie that a lighter skin ended up being more signified and worthy greater beauty for some of my adolescence. As somebody who spent my youth as a darker-skinned Asian woman, we knew I didn’t end up in that category.

This might be a depressing but reality that is unsurprising me personally being an Asian United states. For centuries, complexion choices have already been associated with and utilized to identify social course across Asia. Darker epidermis ended up being related to being in a lesser course, that they spent more time outside working, while those of higher class had lighter skin because it usually meant. In comparison, in contemporary Western tradition, having a tan is regarded as fashionable, healthier, and stylish. Americans invest huge amount of money on tanning items. In accordance with Gizmodo, more or less 30 million individuals in the United States use a tanning unit every year. America’s criteria for having tan epidermis and Asia’s criteria of desiring light skin made me feel conflicted me shame at home, in my Asian American suburb of Diamond Bar, California — it was something many people in the U.S. (more…)