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Beauty Queens Get Trophy Wives Of Drug Cartel Heads In Latin America

Saturday, April 11th, 2020

Beauty Queens Get Trophy Wives Of Drug Cartel Heads In Latin America

We immediately see an image of a rich old white man with a beautiful young woman on his arm when we think of trophy wives. Not very in Latin America.

Trophy spouses undertake a different meaning. In Mexico and Colombia, beauty queens are now actually the trophy spouse of preference when it comes to dons regarding the competing medication cartels. In a few of the very most violent elements of the Americas, beauty queens have grown to be the prize that is ultimate medication traffickers. The practice were only available in Colombia into the 1970s. Martha Lucia Echeverry, skip Colombia 1974, had been the mistress of Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela, the head for the violent Cali cartel. Echeverry is definitely the very first understood ‘narco girl. ’

This tradition has proceeded in Colombia and much more recently in Mexico, a center that is major transshipment of cocaine towards the united states of america and Europe. Maria Susana “Suzy” Flores, the Sinaloa that is 20-year-old beauty queen who was simply savagely murdered final November in a weapon battle, additionally succumbed to your siren call of income and luxury whenever she decided to date “El Cholo, ” Orso Ivan Gastelum Avila, a feared struck guy whom struggled to obtain the Sinaloa cartel. In Suzy’s situation, nonetheless, it absolutely was not money that drove her for this dangerous liaison. She originated in a grouped family members with so-called ties to your medication company which had really groomed her for the next as a beauty queen.

As evidenced by Suzy Flores, Sinaloa is not just a highlighted capital of this medication wars. Additionally, it is the reproduction ground for Mexican beauty queens. The skip Mexico title happens to be won seven times by the leggy femmes of the state. So that as one Mexican academic, Nery Cordova, commented in a novel on narco-culture in Sinaloa, “Do you would like beauty queens who aren’t active in the state’s principal industry? (more…)