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Japan Casinos Look at ID Card Monitoring to Limit Locals’ Gambling Forays

Monday, March 16th, 2020

Japan Casinos Look at ID Card Monitoring to Limit Locals’ Gambling Forays

Japan may not opt for an outright ban on its citizens visiting casinos, alternatively selecting a policy of monitoring and limiting the frequency of their visits.

The Japanese, like many Asian cultures, are recognized to like a bet or two, but can A my that is new number card really control who bets and how often when casinos start there?

Having passed the Integrated Resorts Bill in December final year, which paves the way for casinos in the nation, Japanese politicians are now engaged in discussions on how to regulate their future gaming market. There is speculation that concerns about issue gambling would lead them to adopt a casino ban for locals, mirroring the system that exists in countries like Thailand and Malaysia.

At a meeting this week of Integrated Resorts Promotion Secretariat, a panel of experts advising the government how best to roll out casino gaming, it was suggested that Japan’s recently introduced identity card system could enable casino operators to understand exactly who was simply in the casino and what these were up to.

It would also allow Japan’s soon-to-be-established casino regulator to keep player-tracking records observe player behavior.

Exactly What’s Your Number?

The federal government introduced the ‘My Number’ identity card system last year, which allocates a twelve-digit number to all Japanese citizens and foreign residents who possess lived within the country to (more…)