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Japan Starts Casino Legalization Debate in Earnest

Friday, February 28th, 2020

Japan Starts Casino Legalization Debate in Earnest

Japanese lawmaker Takeshi Iwaya, a leading proponent of land casino legalization: ‘It’s best to hit even though the iron is hot!’ (Image:

The planet’s casino giants will likely be closely watching developments in Japan next week as the nation’s parliament known as the Diet is anticipated to begin debating a bill that seeks to legalize and regulate land-based casino gambling. Japan is seen being a sleeping giant regarding the industry: it’s estimated that a casino that is regulated here could eventually generate $40 billion in revenue annually, which would make it the second biggest on the planet, after Macau. And Japan’s politicians are desperate to find new methods of revitalizing the economy and profit from the Tokyo that is upcoming olympics 2020.

Strike Although The Iron is Hot

The country’s ruling Liberal Democrat Party presented a bill to parliament in early which is backed by a group of more than 200 lawmakers december. Furthermore, Liberal Democrat Takeshi Iwaya, a number one proponent of the bill, said he had recently secured support for the bill from a coalition partner and members of the main opposition party.

‘We are getting close to starting debate,’ he stated this week. ‘It is best to strike while the iron is hot.’

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been visiting casino resorts in Singapore, where he indicated his interest in the good impact that such ventures might have on the Japa (more…)

Caesars Granted ‘Ides of March’ Deadline for Bankruptcy Control

Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

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